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A Tequila and Taco Haven in River North

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A sequel can be good.

Godfather II, for instance.

It can also be bad.

Godfather III, for instance.

But the real point: even the best sequels never seem to have enough tequila.

Such is not the case with Taco Joint Urban Taqueria and Cantina, slated to open Wednesday, part of an inspirational story that started with nothing but a pocket-size Lincoln Park restaurant, some beer-battered fish tacos, a frozen beer-and-margarita cocktail and a dream.

You could probably fit the entire Lincoln Park space into this location’s back dining room. In fact, it doesn’t really look all that different. In other words, it also resembles a dusty roadside Juárez cantina in 1937. Well, one that happened to hire Frida Kahlo to choose the paint colors. The best part is the black-and-white photo panorama of jimadores harvesting agave plants. Be sure to raise your Jalisco Mule in their direction.

We can see you checking in here after work and drinking cerveza at the big front bar, which is inlaid with hand-painted tiles, and snakes around the place like the Rio Grande. You’ll eventually want to investigate the taco of the day—they’re creating tacos with regional American flair here—like a buffalo-chicken option with celery pico de gallo.

Your Super Bowl party just got more taco-ish.


Taco Joint Urban Taqueria & Cantina
158 W Ontario St
(at N La Salle Dr)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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