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Places to Dine (and Drink) with Your Dog

Your dog. Forever faithful. Loves you unconditionally. Really... bored of playing fetch and walking around the same block every day. So here’s an idea (actually, several): take the little guy out for sushi. Or a beer. Below, five canine-friendly spots to hit up around town.

Acme: Biscuits. For the Both of You.

Acme: Biscuits. For the Both of You.

This Midtown bakery from the Federal crew is famous for their freshly baked baguettes. Also, their pup-toting cougars. It’s how you’ll start the day with your little buddy.
You’re Having: Johnnycake waffles and a cup of Panther coffee.
Your Dog’s Having: Homemade doggy biscuits. And... the tiniest sip of your coffee.

OTC: Bubbly and a Bowl of Water

OTC: Bubbly and a Bowl of Water

Say your dog feels more at home on a front porch, but you feel more at home with bottomless mimosas, Bellinis and champagne. Come here.
You’re Having: Champagne. Pulled-pork breakfast tacos. And more champagne.
Your Dog’s Having: A bowl of cold water. Also bottomless.

OTC, 1250 S Miami Ave, 305-374-4612

Shake Shack: Ice Cream for Two

Shake Shack: Ice Cream for Two

It’s hot. Crazy, we know. Good time to join the UM co-eds in line for frozen custards here.
You’re Having: A key-lime-pie concrete and a double-stack bacon cheeseburger.
Your Dog’s Having: The Pooch-ini (frozen vanilla custard, peanut butter sauce and a biscuit). Otherwise known as “the highlight of his year.”

Shake Shack, 1450 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, 786-470-3701

NoVe: A Canine-Friendly Sushi Bar

NoVe: A Canine-Friendly Sushi Bar

Date night. And this one’s pretty important (finally, they’re meeting the dog). This intimate, brick-lined sushi bar in Downtown is your spot.
You’re Having: Deep, meaningful conversation regarding proper mojito-muddling technique over yellowtail sashimi.
Your Dog’s Having: Deep, meaningful stares with the pomeranian across the patio.

Wood Tavern: A Beer Park Dog Run

Wood Tavern: A Beer Park Dog Run

Yup, this Christmas-light-festooned beer garden in Wynwood embraces your four-legged compadre. So take up a picnic table with your pup and enjoy some tunes/icy lagers.
You’re Having: A can of Cigar City’s Florida Cracker.
Your Dog’s Having: Fresh air. Space to run. Perhaps a sip of beer if he’s over three.

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