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Cocktailing and Film Screening in a Private Club

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Inside a Spanish villa. 1929.

Bunch of attractive people sitting around drinking wine and being brunettes.

Then a real beauty leans over, touches your arm and says how great Amy Poehler was on the Globes.

Turns out, it’s actually 2013, and you’re in Santa Monica. What the...

You must be hanging out at 41 Ocean, a new members-only lounge of lackadaisical merriment involving food, drink and film screenings, accepting applications now and officially opening January 25.

First: you fill out an application online. Second: application accepted. Third, fourth, fifth and beyond: you spend lots of nights with a Westside industry crowd, at what feels like your Spanish friend’s family villa—all old carpets and random antiques. You’ll have a house-bottled Dark and Stormy at the bar. You’ll tuck into some herb buttermilk biscuits, caviar and venison loin in the rustic dining room, while a piano man serenades you and the mismatched chairs.

At meal’s end, you’ll meet some producer out near the patio’s fire pit. You’ll laugh together at the giant birdcage. (Note: there’s a giant birdcage.)

He’ll mention that he’s here to screen a rough cut of his new movie. You should totally come. You’ll find yourself in a screening room full of giant armchairs, old maps and a big crushed-velvet couch.

You’ll pretend to like his movie...

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