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A SoBe Basement with a Penchant for Disco

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January 17, 1975:

A man walks into a wood-paneled lounge. Wearing something linen. Disco is playing. Life is good.

January 17, 2013:

A man walks into a wood-paneled basement. Wearing something linen. Disco is playing. Life is good.

Give a finger-gun-and-wink salute to Rec Room, a subterranean throwback to the 1970s that’s kitschy/funky in all the right ways, opening this Thursday in the Gale South Beach.

If you’re one of those people who appreciate weathered palm-tree wallpaper, aggressive wood paneling, massive vinyl-record collections and 40-year-old stereo equipment, well, you were probably born in the wrong decade. But hey, at least now you have this.

Come here when you’re out in South Beach and looking to unwind with the smooth sounds of Sly and the Family Stone (it happens more than one might think). Start by descending a set of stairs in the Gale lobby. Next, bypass that long line outside the lounge’s front door (you have your methods).

After that, move over to a mod-looking leather banquette, then the bar, then the dance floor and then the hustle hall of fame.

Which totally doesn’t exist, but should.


Rec Room
at Gale South Beach
1690 Collins Ave
(at 17th St)
Miami, FL, 33139


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