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Tahoe’s First Snowkiting Spot

None And now for a quick report from Tahoe...

Powder snow. Bluebird skies. Steaming hot tubs. Some crazy person gliding across the snow, followed closely by a kite...

About that: meet Sierra Snowkite Center, California’s first and only outpost for snowkiting, now open at Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge.

Maybe you’ve kitesurfed in the bay. Maybe you’re more of a ski/board person. Or maybe you just really like kites. Point is, you’re ready for this, the next big advancement in wind-powered snow sports. (It’s been a while.)

With ski or boarding gear in tow, you’ll meet up for a lesson with Tyler (who happens to be the North American Snowkite Tour champion), strap on a harness that’s attached to a kite and have at the wide-open, 250-acre Van Norden Meadow.

Soon enough, you’ll be traveling at speeds rivaling downhill numbers on the relatively flat, undulating terrain. And—maybe not soon, but eventually—you’ll be attempting maneuvers like jumping upwards of 30 to 40 feet in the air. (Remember to stick the landing.)

You’ll want to go on days when the winds are blowing, which tends to make hitting the slopes less appealing.

And now, about your après-snowkiting game...


Sierra Snowkite Center
10106 High St
Truckee, CA, 96161

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