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Stephanie Izard (you know her best as the girl half at Girl & the Goat) finally opened her homage to classic Chicago diners. It’s called Little Goat. She’s not trying to replace your Golden Apples or your White Palace Grills or anything radical. Unless you call 1am pork-cheek grilled cheese radical. Anyway, here’s the numerical breakdown:

7am: Opening time.

2am: Closing time.

5: Hours per day you will be unable to indulge a sudden whim for Breakfast Spaghetti N Clams, Fat Elvis Waffles and Kimchi & Bacon & Eggs & Pancakes Asian-Style Breakfast Tasty Thing. So plan accordingly.

1977: Approximate year the vintage wallpaper was made.

50: Percent chance the decor will make you think of the diner in Pulp Fiction.

14: Seats at the counter.

0: Seats available by 6:30pm last night.

5: Ways to eat goat here—goat burger, Sloppy Goat, goat chili, goat shepherd’s pie, taco salad.

1: Ways to eat bacon-fat ice cream here—the Smoked Pork & Toffee Crunch shake. (Order it.)

4: Days you made it without breaking your diet resolution. (Forget it.)

361: Days until you will start over.


Little Goat
820 W Randolph St
(at N Green St)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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