Raff Distillerie

Grapes of Raff

A New Local Line of Absinthe and Gin

None Dear Champagne,

Hey, it’s your time of year again. And why not: you’re tasty, you’re bubbly, you really fill out a hot tub. What’s not to like.

But after that, well... we’ll be seeing someone new. Someone stronger. Someone bolder. Someone... absinthe-ier.

Someone from Raff Distillerie, a new distillery in town churning out locally made small-batch spirits, in operation now on Treasure Island (with bottles available at Cask).

We know. This hurts us as much as it hurts you.

But look, we actually think you’d get a kick out of this place. The whole outfit used to be a Navy brig—like a real-life military prison. There’s a lab in what used to be the guard control room. The main still is located in the yard, where they also store the alcohol. And the old prison cells have become the bottling area. (How times have changed...)

Anyway, we’re just not monogamous drinkers. We need variety—like the Emperor Norton Absinthe, a version of the green fairy made from California grapes. (The owner/distiller uses eight herbs from the original absinthe recipe, so it tastes just like the concoction that did van Gogh in.) Or the Bummer & Lazarus Gin, which has these floral and citrus notes that create just the perfect Tom Collins...

Ah, never mind. You wouldn’t understand.

Until next year...



Raff Distillerie
990 13th St
(on Treasure Island)
San Francisco, CA, 94130

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