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Alpana Singh, master sommelier and Check, Please host, opens her restaurant, The Boarding House, tomorrow in River North. Get excited. Well, more excited. Here are four good reasons why.

Your evening may involve multiple floors. The first thing you see when you walk in is a bar with a sculpture made from 4,000 wine glasses. Hang out. Have some braised-pork-stuffed pork tots. You’ll soon be whisked via elevator to a bustling, open dining room. Later, plan to head down to the cellar for a nightcap.

Oh, yeah. Pork tots are now a thing. So is chicken poutine pizza. And that’s just the bar menu. There’s a 36-ounce rib eye and tagliatelle with chicken cracklins waiting upstairs. Yes, chicken cracklins are also now a thing.

They’ve got lots of wine. There are 20 selections by the glass, 45o by the bottle. When you order a bottle, you can watch as a glass elevator moves it from the cellar to the dining room—sort of like Willy Wonka with pinot.

You won’t look at bottle service the same way again. The basement is a sexy little hideaway. You and your date will hold forth in a snug corner booth over glasses of port and magnums of wine. But the label will not glow in the dark. You will not get a sparkler. But you will get a wine glass.

They have plenty.


The Boarding House
720 N Wells St
(at W Superior St)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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