Down by the Riviera

Down by the Riviera

Riviera South Beach Opens

There's nothing wrong with your setup at home. (Especially now that the living-room hammock is up and running.)

You just wish you could add a few more hotel-type amenities, like room service, turndown and free buckets of beer out by the pool...

Introducing the Riviera South Beach, an all-suite hotel now open in Collins Park.

Think of the Riviera as your luxurious home away from home—the place you'll want to stay during your South Beach bachelor/bachelorette parties, or otherwise special nights out. Each one-bedroom suite feels like a mini-condo, with its own kitchen (you'll admire it from afar) and a living room with a fold-out couch that sleeps two (perfect for impromptu guests...not that you ever have any of those).

In keeping with a policy honed at sister hotels (management also runs the model-heavy Catalina and Dorset), this one offers complimentary cocktails every night from 7 to 8pm. And, for the time being, they're also offering gratis buckets of beer by the pool.

And it would be rude to say no.


Down by the Riviera
2000 Liberty Avenue
(at 20th St)
Lincoln road
Miami, FL, 33139

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