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Tonight: A Cool New Place in Lincoln Square

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The perfect neighborhood dinner spot: in many ways, a mythical beast.

Some say it only exists in men’s hearts. Others say it’s merely one talented chef, an interesting wine list and a giant cinnamon bun away...

We may have found it. Gather, a charming nook in Lincoln Square that’s eager to host your next dinner party, opens tonight.

Truth be told, the timing of this debut is rather excellent. It’s the time of year when your dinner commitments to siblings, stepsiblings, long-lost college roommates and assorted “exes who are still friends” are at an all-time high.

This spot will do nicely. When you enter, you’ll find hexagon-patterned wallpaper, big dining tables and an open kitchen where a Charlie Trotter’s veteran makes everything, from the bacon to the bread.

In fact, reserve that kitchen-side counter table for your foodie friends. They can swirl obscure Italian varietals and observe the chef prepping items like porchetta and the pan-seared walleye. Then again, for your buddy who just wants a juicy, half-pound short-rib-and-sirloin burger on a soft brioche bun—and a bold cabernet to go with it—dinner at the bar is a viable option.

Oh, and for those random Tuesday night dessert-and-a-drink dates, you’ll find sizzling cast-iron pans filled with giant sticky buns at your service.

But we suggest sharing.

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