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Behold: The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

You don’t need much help when it comes to giving a great gift. Especially to yourself. But there are still a few things you might not know about. Like these five items with high gift potential.

UD - Didi Davis Salt Tower

Didi Davis Salt Tower

Salt: tends to skew on the boring side. Enter Didi Davis, who decided enough is enough, and from her iodine-rich Ipswich lair has created a tower of 12 different gourmet taste-enhancers like smoked paprika, porcini and one blending chilies from the Aleppo mountains. Syria: the original flavor country.

UD - The 2013 US Amateur Golf Championship

The 2013 US Amateur Golf Championship

We’re not sure how, but for some reason, you’re not playing in the 2013 US Amateur golf tournament at Brookline’s Country Club this summer. Next best thing: procuring tickets for it. Yes, yelling “Coulda made that” over your beer will be frowned upon.

$25-$500, Aug 12-18, The Country Club, 191 Clyde St, Brookline, tickets here

UD - Kathy Sidell Memoir

Kathy Sidell Memoir

Attention, budding restaurateurs: MET Back Bay overlord Kathy Sidell has just released a memoir tracing her career (to date, she has six spots under her belt). Included: MET recipes (see: steak sauce) and even a passage about customers’ naughty trysts in her restaurants’ bathrooms. We’re pretty sure your name isn’t used, thankfully.

$24.95, available at all MET locations

UD - Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Mug

Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Mug

You’ve got your unicorn champagne flutes, dragon-tooth whiskey tumblers and even wolverine-claw tequila shot glasses. Adding to your collection of gorgeous animal-based libation holders is this polished 16-ounce oxhorn mug from Sir Jack’s, handmade in England and featuring a natural horn handle, too. That’s one horny mug.

UD - Ghurka Leather Umbrellas

Ghurka Leather Umbrellas

Beautiful in the rain: Paris. Not so beautiful in the rain: your leather jacket. A handsome solution: one of these classy umbrellas, featuring a solid wood core, brass trim, a leather handle and black, walnut, chestnut or khaki colors for when you want to coordinate your accessories. Or just when it’s raining.

$295, available online at Ghurka

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