The Glunz Tavern

Old Style

A Pre-Prohibition Cocktail Den in Old Town

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Let’s say you get transported 90 years into the future.

A lot of things will be different. Your bartender will probably be a robot. Your date might be as well, actually.

But some of the bars will look exactly the same.

As proof, here’s a bar from 92 years ago: The Glunz Tavern, a Rip Van Winkle of a watering hole, slated to reopen this week in, appropriately enough, Old Town.

It’s basically a pre-Prohibition tavern preserved in amber. After Prohibition, the Glunz family turned the bar into storage and, later, part of their famed liquor store next door. Everything from its original stained glass and brass cash register to its 10-cent-beer signs were kept in pristine condition.

But it’s not a tavern museum. It’s a friendly neighborhood gastropub inside a tavern museum. Come for butter-poached frog legs, sweetbreads and escargot, and duck rillettes at the bar while you knock back a local beer or two.

If you’re hungrier than that, you can also have a full dinner of wiener schnitzel or filet mignon.

Sure hope there’s wiener schnitzel in the future.


The Glunz Tavern
1206 N Wells St
(at W Division St)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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