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An All-Day Hangout in Logan Square

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For eons, man has sought dominion over fire.

So far, he’s done a pretty good job. Heated homes. Steam engines. Barbecues.

All in all, a solid B-plus. Good job.

This week, however, man achieves the apex: wood-fired bagels arrive.

Introducing Reno, a handsome new Logan Square spot from the gang behind Telegraph and Webster’s Wine Bar, setting up in the former Ciao Napoli location and soft-opening tomorrow.

Things start early around here. Swing by for a strong cup of Stumptown coffee, a bacon-and-cheese sandwich on brioche and one of those bagels—they’re sort of Montreal-style, sort of New York–style. If anyone gets too concerned about their bagel’s lineage, just shove a snickerdoodle muffin in their mouth. It’s too early for that kind of preciousness.

Anyway, after 5pm, the pastry bar transforms into a bar bar. This is where you’ll sip off-the-beaten-path reds while twirling pasta innovations like fusilli bucatini with lamb-neck ragù. Of course, splitting a wood-fired Paulina—a pizza with jalapeño pesto, mozzarella and the finest pepperoni the Paulina Market can produce—is also a good choice. Plus, it keeps that oven occupied when not making bagels.

Speaking of keeping busy, they offer lunch, free wi-fi and a communal table. That means your working-lunch meeting now includes sandwiches like the Thing with Spanish tuna and the sausage-and-egg Cowboy Killer.

Order one when negotiating with Jerry Jones.


2607 N Milwaukee Ave
(at N Kedzie Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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