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Arranging a Lift to and from the Airport

None Chances are, you’re going to be traveling by plane, train or automobile at some point this weekend.

But before you get yourself into any shenanigans with a shower curtain ring salesman, read on...

... and meet Mozio, a new local website devoted to helping you book rides to and from the airport, in beta now.

The schlep to and from the airport: always a pain in the butt. The solution: this thing. It’s like a to get you to Bay Area airports like SFO, Oakland and San Jose (with about 40 more airports—including NYC, DC and Boston—to come by end of year).

Here’s the deal. The day before your flight—or as late as on your return flight home—you’ll pull up the site, and tap in your destination coordinates and number of travelers. Then, it’ll list out your ground transportation options: car service, shuttle service or the BART and Muni. (You can prioritize based on the duration of the trip and how much it all will cost.) Pick whichever one makes sense, and book it.

Until then, make sure what you think are pillows... are in fact pillows.

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