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Your Taxi Is Now a Speedboat

None Taxis.

They can be hard to find this time of year. But maybe that’s just because you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

You know, dry land...

Say ahoy to Tideline Water Taxi, the city’s first water taxi service, taking you to docks in San Francisco, Marin and a few points in between, operating now.

Here’s how we see this going down...

It’s a sunny Saturday. You get a text from an alluring old friend. (Or an alluring new friend. Either way.) The text: meet me at Sam’s in 15 minutes or less.

Your move: call Captain Taylor (he’s the guy driving this thing) and summon him to the nearest dock. (He can meet you at St. Francis Yacht Club, Hyde Street Pier, Pier 1.5 by La Mar or Pier 40 near AT&T Park.) He’ll pick you up in an enclosed 42-foot speedboat that can fit you and up to 11 nautically inclined associates. Then, he’ll take you to Sam’s, and magic will happen.

If for some reason a follow-up text summons you instead to Sausalito’s Trident or to Angel or Treasure Island—or if that text comes at 3am, as they sometimes do—well, they’ll make it work.

Oh, and in a few months, they’ll bring on a fleet of bigger custom boats out of Maine. And come America’s Cup time, they’ll offer mega-yacht transfers.

For when a regular yacht just won’t suffice.


Tideline Water Taxi

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