Served Up

Vodka. Now in Donut Form.

None Mornings.

They were just made for vodka.

Instead, the conventional world gives us donuts. Oh, well. Donuts are pretty good, too.

But you can’t stop thinking about that vodka. So maybe you need help. Professional help. We think you should call someone.

She’s a baker who puts vodka in donuts.

Introducing Drunken Donuts, a trio of liquor-spiked fried delicacies, available starting today from Delightful Pastries.

Of course, to make this feat of booze-pastry hybrid happen, certain technical obstacles had to be surmounted. The biggest one being: how to get that booze into your donut. The answer to this problem, as it so often is: custard.

Now, the donut’s vanilla-bean-and-vodka flavor has all the trappings of traditional custard-filled donuts. A light sugar sprinkle. A little ooziness from the side. But when you bite into it, you’ll have the bracing sense that you just did a shot. Okay, no. Not really. But it’s good to know it’s there when you order a dozen for your office and everyone’s mood seems a little more relaxed.

If you’re looking to up the sweetness, order the chocolate custard, made with Godiva chocolate liqueur. Or there’s even a donut filled with passion fruit and Grand Marnier jelly.

Which would also be pretty good on toast.


Drunken Donuts
available at Delightful Pastries

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