Oyster Tacos and Pumpkin Sundaes in Evanston

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We didn’t read polls.

We didn’t conduct focus groups.

We listened to our gut.

And our gut says you’re going to be very happy tonight.

Yes, a place serving fried-oyster tacos is about to open.

Welcome to Found, a well-appointed salon of good food and strong cocktails in Evanston, opening this afternoon.

It looks like the kind of place that served the intelligentsia well in days gone by. By which we mean they have plenty of gin and beer. Also, some pretty swanky cowhide couches on which to consume them.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy watching election returns from the comfort of a Victorian settee, nervously nibbling frites with chili ketchup and aioli while debating single-payer health care, you’ll find this place indispensable tonight.

If, however, you happen to be every other type of person...

Well, it’s just an excellent reason to go north of Howard Street with a date you really want to get to know better. Start at the bar—a Pink Lady for your date, something pumpkin-and-rye-ish for you (i.e., Pederson’s Spicy Pumpkin). The rest of the night unfolds over bacon-and-leek flatbreads, lamb meatballs served with pistachio chimichurri, and pumpkin gelato sundaes.

Or everything your polling place didn’t serve today.

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