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Halloween 2012’s Sexiest Costumes

8 Photos Halloween 2012’s Sexiest Costumes
None 8 Photos Halloween 2012’s Sexiest Costumes
Well, here we are.

Halloween proper.

Maybe you’re throwing a party. Maybe you’re going to one. Maybe you’re dressing up as a piece of Texas Toast and handing out ribs to trick-or-treaters.

Point is: that last part was weird.

Also: you’re definitely going to want to see this before you go...

Because it’s time to take a look at Halloween 2012’s Sexiest Costumes, a little slideshow stacked with pictures of... Halloween 2012’s sexiest costumes.

So let’s just get into it, shall we.

Halloween is a magical time. The kind of time when Kate Upton and Marilyn Monroe collide in the best of ways (which, turns out, is as a skeleton). When Alessandra Ambrosio enforces the law wearing way less clothing than normal law enforcers do. And most importantly, it’s the kind of night that only happens once a year. (Well, maybe not.)

Either way, just enjoy it. Take a look around and see what Heidi Klum got up to this year (hint: it’s being really attractive). Check in on at least one Kardashian (hint: it’s Kim). At the very least, it should help get you fired up for round two of Halloween tonight.

Or whatever round you’re on at this point.

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