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If Chipotle Did Bento Boxes

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This weekend: candy corn. Kit Kats. Snickers.

But wait until Wednesday. That’s when they break out the good stuff.

Ramen. Spicy salmon tartare. Seaweed salad.

And seaweed salad really satisfies.

Please welcome Arami Go, everything you love about the West Town’s Arami, shrunken down to a fun-size quick-serve spot, slated to open next week in Streeterville.

So yes: you’re in familiar territory. You like Arami for Japanese grilled chicken thighs. Some salmon. Miso soup. You’ll find basically the same things here. But imagine it was more Chipotle-style counter service with less sushi and more bento boxes, and a place you’d pop in during your lunch break. That’s this spot.

So fast-forward to next week. It’s lunchtime. You’ve got a million things to do before your big Halloween apple-bobbing soiree that night (you haven’t even picked up your tux yet).

That’s when you’ll head here, and straight to the bento counter. You’ll create your own bento box with grilled beef strip loin, salmon or spicy tuna, plus house-pickled vegetables and rice (they have three kinds). If you want to transform your bento box into a hand roll, just ask for a nori wrap and make it yourself.

All the cool houses are giving out sushi this year.

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