Spring Fling

Five Options for Hot-Springing Glory

Hot springs: basically the non-chlorinated, all-natural version of hot tubs. With more legroom. And sometimes monkeys. (We’ll get to that.) Seeing how you’ll need a few geothermally heated retreats this winter, we searched the world for the best ones. Warning: some are hazardous. And all are clothing-optional.

Hot-Springing in Ancient Greece

Hot-Springing in Ancient Greece

Directions: Head to the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. Look for the white, snowy terraces. But it’s not snow. It’s calcium. All along, you’ll find the hot springs.
Heat Report: 98 to 212 degrees across 17 springs.
Risk: Choosing a really hot spring; ingesting travertine.
Reward: Using Marcus Aurelius’s old hot tub.

Hot-Springing with Monkeys. Seriously.

Hot-Springing with Monkeys. Seriously.

Directions: Stay at this hotel overlooking a park, where snow monkeys regularly chill in hot springs. There are designated “human springs,” but, well, the monkeys get curious.
Heat Report: An average of 122 degrees across about a dozen springs.
Risk: Creating the basis for Outbreak 2; cannonballing monkeys.
Reward: The Instagram cred from sharing a hot spring with a monkey.

Hot-Springing Sponsored by a Volcano

Hot-Springing Sponsored by a Volcano

Directions: The entire resort is one big hot spring heated by a nearby volcano. Streams, cascades, waterfalls, pools—it’s basically a hot-spring water park.
Heat Report: Many over 120 degrees, but you can cool off in nearby waterfalls.
Risk: Overcrowding from tourists; a suddenly active volcano.
Reward: The hot-spring lazy river. Make it happen.

Hot-Springing Under the Tuscan Sun

Hot-Springing Under the Tuscan Sun

Directions: Drive around the famed spa resort, Terme di Saturnia. When you see the steaming waterfall, commence toe-dipping.
Heat Report: 99.5 degrees, year-round.
Risk: Mythology says these cascading springs were caused by a lightning bolt—but assuming lightning doesn’t strike twice, you’re golden.
Reward: Bathing in the world’s first public bathhouse. Actually, maybe that’s a risk... 

Off-Grid Hot-Springing in New Zealand

Off-Grid Hot-Springing in New Zealand

Directions: Take the ferry across Lake Rotorua and do some trekking. Then, just follow the steam.
Heat Report: It’s patchy, but some sections approach 150 degrees.
Risks: Careful where you swim—human skin starts boiling around 140 degrees, and even some parts of the beach can burn you.
Rewards: Basking in hot-spring solitude.

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