The Polaroid Express

Alba, Bündchen and Theron. In a Book.

3 Photos Polaroids
None 3 Photos Polaroids
Anna Karenina. Jane Eyre. Gisele Bündchen.

Only one is a Brazilian bikini model. (We think. Been a while since we read Anna Karenina.)

But all three are now esteemed literary heroines. (Assuming, that is, you’d consider a book full of old Polaroids to be literary.)

Anyway: introducing Polaroids, a scruffy, dreamy little photo book of beautiful people and beautiful landscapes shot with the type of film you’d probably expect, available now for preorder.

Maybe you’re in the mood to skim something that doesn’t have brads. Maybe your coffee table is lonely. Either way, you should consider this little linen-covered collection of pics shot by Diego Uchitel—if you can’t quite place his name, he’s an Argentine man who likes to spend his time pointing a camera at women with surnames like Alba, Bündchen, Cruz and Theron. This is not a foolish man.

He’s also really into snapping frogs, jars and the occasional pier. So that’s good. Makes it artsy. Abstract. Respectable.

Oh, and all 240 shots here look like the original Polaroids, like they’ve been worn with age. Scratched up a little. Faded. Like it’s your scrapbook.

Though you prefer not to talk about that night with Charlize, the frog and the jar.

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