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The VIP Screening Rooms Inside Paragon Grove

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The new Skyfall trailer.

We saw it. Before Argo.

It’s great.

However, it’s missing something.

Mainly a beer. In your hand.

And a brat. In your other hand.

Hey, nothing a VIP screening room can’t fix.

So say hello to Prestige Imports Premier, a section of plush new theaters inside Paragon Grove that’s bringing bottle service and burgers to your next double feature, now soft-open.

Right. So it’s a theater inside a theater (think Inception... but with more cup holders). The cineplex equivalent of an executive screening room with access to its own gastropub (that means buffalo wings, flatbreads and draft beers are in play) and leather rocking-chair-style seats.

The dinner-and-a-movie date implications here: tremendous. Just picture it. It’s a Friday night. Something besides Taken 2 is playing. And you’ve reserved a pair of aisle seats inside one of these things. First, you pick up a malbec and an Asian Peanut Butter Burger (cabbage slaw, peanut butter and a five-spice beef patty) from the “concession stand” to share. Then you take your seats, recline and enjoy the show/bottle of red.

Just make sure to quaff quietly.

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