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The New Place Under the Metra Line

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You know you’ve made it in this world when they name an important building after you.

And when they name a restaurant after the building.

And when they name a martini after the restaurant.

So... congratulations, Richard B. Ogilvie, 35th governor of Illinois. Your time has come.

Welcome to Ovie Bar & Grill in the Ogilvie Transportation Center, the most fun you’ll have eating underneath a Metra train station, slated to open next Monday.

Now, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, this is going to be a great spot for anyone who needs an after-work, pre-commute drink and a bite at the bar. The Ovie Martini is made with orange bitters. The Guinness line is charged with its own nitrogen. The Cuban sandwich from their takeout area can be easily stuffed in your briefcase for the ride home.

But say you’re on a date. And you’re going to the opera. You’ll need some basics: a place nearby. A Smith & Wollensky–honed chef to handle your bourbon-glazed pork chop. A lively atmosphere with some character—preferably in the form of creams, taupes, white tablecloths, exposed-steel girders and the rumble of the Kenosha line above. They’ve got all that, too.

But we should probably tell you: your pre-opera checklist is pretty weird.

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