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Making Some Wine in Wine Country

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Fade in on a night in the near future.

You’re at dinner. Great restaurant. Table for two. There’s a candlelight situation. You’re pouring some wine...

Wine made from grapes. Grapes you picked.

Introducing Bacara Crush, a weekend getaway package that involves you going to Santa Barbara to help vintners bottle some vino, available now at Bacara Resort.

So here’s what happens. You cut out of work a little early. You put the top down. You pick up your date and head to a pretty cliffside resort a couple hours up the coast. Right on the water. Sounds good. You could probably stop there.

But then you’re chauffeured in an SUV to a winery. One that’s typically closed to the public. But not to you. You’re here for a private tour. Oh, and also, you’re here to help run the place for the day.

You’ll walk the vines. Sort the grapes. Assist with the punch-down (it’s the gentleman’s version of barefoot grape-stomping). Then, when all is said and done, your batch will be bottled and labeled and eventually turn up on some great wine lists in Beverly Hills. Obviously, you’ll order it.

Pairs well with that fusilli you rolled in Sicily.


Bacara Crush
at Bacara Resort & Spa
8301 Hollister Ave
Santa Barbara, CA, 93117


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