Art Attack

It’s Pandora for Art

None Wow, look at the time.

It’s time to check out a new website that’s just like Pandora for art.

And it’s Friday afternoon, but we figured you’re already on that.

So for now, let’s just focus on Art.sy, an incomprehensibly extensive online art gallery that figures out what kind of canvas you’re into, points you in the direction of similar works and shows you where to buy it all, online now.

You’re already familiar with the little Music Genome Project thing Pandora has going on. Well, this works just like that. In fact, they went ahead and called it the Art Genome Project. Clever.

What it all means: the next time you look at the wall in your study and think, “Hmm, this wall in my study could really benefit from just a touch more process-oriented hyperrealism,” you’ll know where to turn. (Note: you’ll also know where to turn for paintings of Adriana Lima. They have those, too.)

And when you do, you’ll be able to sort through over 800 search characteristics, like the various connections between art movements, subject matter, when it was painted and whether or not it’s for sale.

It’s all very science-meets-things-to-talk-about-at-your-next-cocktail-party. And the more you use the site, the more it gets to know you.

Anyway, happy Friday.

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