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A Crazy Fitness Compound in the Hills

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You’re at a giant mansion deep in the Hollywood Hills.

There’s a rooftop pool, beds for eight and everybody’s pretty sweaty.

Either you’re up to something that we can’t really get into here, or you’re at an intense, super-LA fitness retreat.

About that retreat: it’s known as Destination Fit4LA, it’s an obscenely vast compound that’s generally devoted to the kicking of ass, and it’s accepting reservations now.

Say you’ve got a vacation coming up that’ll involve copious shirtlessness, or maybe you’re raging against the dying light of your summer body. (In this weather, beach days aren’t over just yet.) You could go see a trainer or something—or you could commit to a week or more at this place, focusing on fitness and only fitness. And okay, also your poolside tan, an impromptu ping-pong tourney and maybe a screening in the movie theater.

Anyway, what were we saying... oh right, something about exercise. Before you show up, you’ll be assigned a whole team (trainer, nutritionist, chef, masseuse, counselor and, yes, concierge) to sort out your specific food and exercise needs. Upon arrival, expect lots of smoothies... and endless sessions of weights, boot camp circuits, boxing, hiking and officially sanctioned late-night dance parties in the on-site disco.

Pretty sure you’re on the list.


Destination Fit4LA
Hollywood Hills
Los Angeles, CA, 90068


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