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Naked Lobster and Magic Cereal in River North

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The big group dinner.

Pulling one off takes planning, skill, charm and, yes, just a little magic.

You’ve got the first three. As far as magic... levitating food should do the trick.

Introducing Baume & Brix, an enchanting den of modern culinary hijinks, opening next week in River North.

Three Moto/iNG veterans have teamed up with the Epic guys to bring you this. Translation: expect a merger of liquid-nitrogen-enhanced cooking skills with a serious scene potential.

First, you’ll see a sexy lounge with big copper globe lights where we could easily picture you having a New Manhattan—smoke-infused white whiskey with truffle bitters. Then you’ll move on to Naked Lobster (raw, unshelled lobster with vanilla-potato foam) and grated foie gras over brioche ice cream. Yes, things quickly get weird here. So naturally, we’re thinking: dinner party.

Call two days ahead to arrange for a booth, where you and five or so friends can share the Divide menu, a family-style feast—whole fish, pork shoulder—served with six or seven sides.

Then there’s the chef’s table, located in an old brick elevator shaft. Throw yourself at the mercy of the chef, who will kind of be going nuts serving you things like Floating Cereal—“flakes” of freeze-dried, strawberry-flavored rice chips that magically float above a vanilla-parsnip “milk.”

We hear it’s what David Copperfield has for breakfast.


Baume & Brix
351 W Hubbard St
(between Orleans and Kingsbury)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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