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Jackets Good for the Office. Or Kilimanjaro.

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The transformation into the fall/winter you is almost complete.

Extra shag to your hair: check. Flight to Nepal: booked. Sherpa for your summit hike up Mount Kangchenjunga: awaiting your arrival.

Futuristic jacket purchased in an Airstream trailer designed by Steve Jobs’s yacht designer... hold please.

Ah, there it is: Aetherstream, a temporary pop-up serving as your vault for jackets good for the office or the mountains, now open in Faneuil Hall.

To get your hands on this stuff, first you’ll want to brave the beehive of swarming tourists and college kids around Quincy Market. As you move like a well-greased Gene Kelly through the crowd, you’ll come upon a 34-foot, black-and-chrome Airstream trailer. One stocked to the gills with all manner of lightweight, water- and windproof jackets (employing material used for bombardier suits from WWII), which have a slimmer fit to allow you to wear them to the office without looking like the Michelin Man. (Note: they work just as well if heli-skiing in the Alps.)

You’ll also find some cold-weather necessities (cashmere sweaters, a fireplace), and it’s decorated with a catch-all of über-cool found objects (think: vintage military TV-FM receivers, the occasional wall axe).

Ask nicely, and they’ll pour out a thumb or two of rare 25-year-old scotch for you while you shop.

No, their thumbs aren’t the size of pint glasses.


1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA, 02109


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