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Tonight: New Italian off Michigan Avenue

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We’ve been meaning to tell you: Rhapsody closed. You remember Rhapsody. You loved it. Always so perfect for dinner before going to hear Muti absolutely kill it at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Well, by “loved it,” we mean “thought it was conveniently located to someplace else you don’t visit all that often.”

But its Mediterranean replacement, Tesori, offers a fresh chance to fall really, truly, madly head over heels, starting today in the Loop. No CSO required.

Boding well for the matchup: a friendly front bar where you won’t feel out of place just breezing in after work to meet some friends for a beer (they have a good local craft selection) or the Oktober (the surprising result of mixing pumpkin ale with bourbon). After: a few deep-fried, veal-stuffed olives and a crispy pizza and you’re on your way. Basically, you’re in a Mediterranean Cheers.

But the big, bright atrium of a dining room looking out into a small garden is another story. You may be with a date. You may be with a client. You may simply be with the world’s most acclaimed bassoonist. (But please, not all three again.) Regardless, your night will spin into a revelry of bold red wine from the tap, handmade cavatelli with braised beef cheeks and polenta fritters with popcorn gelato.

The Italian version of a balanced meal.

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