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Iowa. Mighty Iowa. Land to the northwestish. Land of stoic cattlemen. And somehow, of both John Wayne and Tom Arnold. But today, let’s focus on a lesser-known export: the loose-meat sandwich, which is sort of like a sloppy joe. But... not sloppy. Maid-Rite, purveyor of this fine savory, has opened its first Chicago location. There’s really only one way to understand what this means. Numerically.

1926: Year Maid-Rite was founded in Muscatine, Iowa.

68: Current Maid-Rite locations.

1: Current Maid-Rite locations in Chicago.

1934: Estimated year that inspired the decor.

1993–1995: Years Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr owned a loose-meat restaurant in Eldon, Iowa.

20,000,000: Estimated dollars Tom Arnold gained in the divorce settlement.

0: Estimated dollars from said settlement earned from selling loose meat.

7: Stools at the counter.

5: Malts available.

2: Ideal number of people to drink one chocolate malt.

13: Sandwiches on the menu.

1: Sandwiches containing sliced beef with melted-white-cheese sauce (The Illinois Cheese Steak).

4: Pies brought in from Lovely bakery in Edgewater.

1: Pies that are chocolate pecan.

14: Swedish pancakes you get per order.

6: Hours per week that they’re available (Saturday and Sunday, 8 to 11am).

3am: Closing time on Friday and Saturday.

1: Orders of cheese curds you’ll probably need if you’re there at that time.


2429 N Lincoln Ave
(near Fullerton and Halsted)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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