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Your Next Getaway: Chartering a Train

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Summer: not over yet.

Road trips: totally still a thing.

As for roads: where we’re going, we don’t need roads. (We’ve always wanted to say that.)

Anyway, behold the old-world majesty of American Railway Explorer, a lavish LA-based train service that will get you out of town in Hitchcockian style, taking reservations now.

To begin: picture the Orient Express. To continue: subtract the Orient. Which leaves you here, in California, on a supremely stylish railcar from the same architect.

This is a little like renting a party bus. You’ve got three options—the glass-topped California car. The party car (dubbed Utah). And the Kansas: let’s just say it has easy chairs, floral curtains and a back porch. Like a farmhouse on wheels.

Book one, or book them all. Call or email, saying when and where you want to go—note: you’ll probably be needing a bartender—and they’ll work with you to figure it all out.

As for where you’re going, well, this could be your vessel to San Diego. Or San Francisco. Either of the Sans. Your only travel companions are... whomever you invite, and nobody has to drive.

Except the conductor.

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