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A Photography Book from... Bryan Adams

None When you think Bryan Adams, you think...

Well, you think “Summer of ’69” and frosted tips.

And that’s fair.

But turns out, cornering the Canadian-born singer-songwriter market was only a front. A ruse. A cleverly contrived smoke screen for the man’s true calling.

Which, apparently, was taking pictures of Amy Winehouse and Billy Idol.

Take a gloriously out-of-nowhere look at Exposed, a new photography book filled with candid shots of famous people taken by Bryan Adams (what else...), available now.

You definitely didn’t see this coming. That’s okay, though. No one did. But yeah, the “Cuts Like a Knife” guy has had a thing for photography for quite some time now. And guess what... he’s pretty damn good at it.

The whole thing started in the late ’90s, when Adams started dabbling in self-portraiture for his album covers. So he picked up a camera and started taking pictures of his friends in the industry. Friends like Kate Moss. And Lindsay Lohan. And Mick Jagger. And Kate Moss again.

And considering most of the shots have never been seen before, we trust it’ll make a fine addition to the Bryan Adams section of your coffee table and/or bookshelf.

Don’t tell us you don’t have a Bryan Adams section.

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