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Hey, last weekend of the summer. Go have fun. Sail a sailboat. Lob a softball. Open a fire hydrant. Wear the hell out of those white seersucker trousers.

But just remember, on Tuesday things are going to get very serious. Well, mainly in the realm of gyros. But still, very, very serious.

That’s when Covo Gyro Market opens to elevate the experience of eating spit-roasted meat.

This is from the guys behind Wicker Park’s Prasino. They’re Greek and, well, they know from gyros. See, apparently the ones you eat at 2am from that little stand... well, let’s just say Yiayia wouldn’t approve.

Here, they make them like they do back in the old country. The meat is stacked and pressed, then roasted until flavorful and crispy in just the right places. The pita bread is made from their own recipe. Their tzatziki recipe is guarded by a kraken. (Though we suspect it’s mainly cucumber and yogurt.)

Even better: the setup is like a Greek Chipotle. You get in a line. A hot pita rolls out of the oven. You pick your sliced-to-order gyro meat—lamb-beef, chicken or pork. Choose your toppings—tzatziki, Greek honey mustard, barbecue or spicy sauce. Then sit down in a barn-wood-clad room with a cold moschofilero served on tap.

Yes, you can still drink white wine after Labor Day.


Covo Gyro Market
1482 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622


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