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Bill Kim Goes All Asian Barbecue on You

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Your back-porch barbecues this summer. Legendary. Absolutely legendary. Though we wonder if we can make three small suggestions.

Lose the back porch. Add the guy from Urban Belly. And maybe... karaoke.

Sort of like this: BellyQ, the highly anticipated Asian barbecue joint from the Belly Shack/Urban Belly folks, opening tonight in the former One Sixtyblue space in the West Loop.

You’ll want to come early—thank goodness you lobbied for summer office hours on Wednesdays—sink into one of the oversized wing chairs in the lounge and crack open a cold can of beer to ease into the night. You may need it.

See, when you hit the dining room, you’ll notice a line of booths with built-in infrared table grills awaiting you. Sit, relax. Order Thai-style fried chicken. But when the time comes, be ready to throw some banana-leaf-wrapped salmon, Korean short ribs or spicy lemongrass chicken onto that grill. This is what you’ve been training for all summer. You’ve got this.

If you want to bring the entire office for one last summer blowout, there’s a semiprivate dining room tucked behind a retractable mural of stampeding horses. Be warned: there are rumors they’ll soon offer late-night karaoke, so you may be required to belt out some Springsteen.

Good thing “Glory Days” goes so well with tea-smoked lamb ribs.


1400 W Randolph St
(at Loomis)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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