Berber Fever

Crossing the Moroccan Desert on Skis

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North Africa.

Land of the Berber people. Bogart’s main stage in Casablanca.

And in February, home to snowy palm trees and a few highly remote but potentially skiable mountains... if you can climb them.

Good thing you brought those ski Sherpas to assist.

Presenting Morocco Ski Odyssey 2013, a 10-day ski tour in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, taking reservations now for February.

On the epic scale, this amounts to Lawrence of Arabia on skis. Expect to rise before dawn, strap on a pair of crampons and climb the summit of Jbel Mgoun (no need to properly pronounce it), in preparation for 10 hours of skiing above the Sahara. The names of other mountains on your ski list: Oumsoud, Tarkeddit, Azourki. You’ll trek between them with a band of mules, stopping to dine with the Berber people along the way (hopefully you’re into couscous).

Your guide: Kris Erickson, a professional climber/skier who splits his time between Montana and Morocco. In addition to ensuring your survival, he’s also responsible for your cultural enrichment. Which means taking you into Zawiya Ahansal for a goat sacrifice, followed by a traditional earthen barbecue.

Remember: goat sacrifice first, BBQ second.


Morocco Ski Odyssey 2013
via Ice Axe Expeditions


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