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If Instagram Were a Steakhouse

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Your week: totally unpredictable.

One night, you’re at the steakhouse schmoozing with the boss, ensconced in a big leather booth, drinking martinis, slurping oysters and slicing into a thick slab of rib eye with jazz playing overhead.

The next night, you’re in a pitch-black basement lair knocking back rum punch to the rhythm of big, fast beats pumping overhead.

Oh, wait. That’s the same night. Oh, wait. That’s the same place.

Welcome to Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, the newest spot from the gentleman who brought you Gilt Bar and Maude’s, now soft-open in River North.

You’ll recognize some of his trademarks in here: the long brown tufted-leather couches, the distressed brick and a pervading sepia-tinted glow. Basically, if you ever wanted to hang out inside an Instagram photo, this is your chance.

So yeah, you and your boss can gorge on shellfish towers, short rib stroganoff and malt-whiskey ice cream. Just come early. There’s a nice big bar with Lillet rosé martinis and champagne smashes to get you started.

But if you head to the basement—which they’re calling the Parlor—you can do... well, the same thing. But with someone who most definitely is not your boss. Someone who likes animal trophy heads. And steak frites. And sultry, low-lit rooms. And what the kids are calling “indietronica.”

Nothing closes a deal like M83.


Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf
218 W Kinzie St
(between Franklin and Wells)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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