Disaster Recovery

Your Coffee Table, Now 100% Sexier

This is a story about beautiful things.

Things that look just as beautiful wearing a long red dress in the evening as they do wearing a set of white linens in the morning.

Dark-haired things. Yellow-haired things.

Things... that would look really good on your coffee table.

Turn the page for Beautiful Disasters, a photographic exploration of... well, a bunch of anonymous mistress types doing anonymous mistress-type things, available now for preorder and shipping September 1.

In its simplest form, this is a book of pictures. And those are nice. You can flip through them and look at stuff. Put them on a bookshelf, point at them during cocktail parties and say things like “I picked this one up in Cameroon.”

But this particular codex lends itself to further exploration. For starters, a guy named David Drebin (see also: every other design-y/style-y magazine ever) is the guy behind the lens here. Then there’s the fact that the subject matter pertains strictly to exploring sensuality. And seduction. And doing it all while keeping the muses’ identities completely anonymous. (Hint: a lot of them are famous models, actresses and... model-actresses.)

Lonely paramours peering out from penthouse windows. Night-swimming beauties who seem to have misplaced their bikinis. It’s all there for your art-appreciating pleasure.

Or just general pleasure.

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