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Your Next Getaway: Who Knows

None Here’s the bad thing about vacations:


That’s right, there’s nothing bad about vacations. Still, picking where to go can be kind of a pain.

But (you guessed it) that’s where this thing comes in...

Introducing PixMeAway, a beautifully irrational website that helps you decide on a vacation based on nothing more than some nice photos that fit your current mood, online now.

So yeah, it’s August. Not sure how that happened. Summer is slipping away, but not before you go... somewhere. That’s where this thing comes in.

Just click the big “find your trip” button and you’ll see a bunch of nondescript images. Trees. Hey, trees are nice. A blonde beauty dancing in a club—sure, that looks appealing. What appears to be an extremely flexible yogi Buddhist. Hmm, maybe next time. A man, a dog and a stunning beach. Huh. Yeah. Wouldn’t say no to that kind of day.

Keep on clicking, and before you know it the site will tell you where you wanted to go without you even knowing it. (Well, first it’ll tell you your “travel character” type. Skip that.) Lam Dong, Vietnam, it is. Or Fort Funston, California.

Same difference, really.

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