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The last 100 years: pretty uneventful.

Sure, there were a few world wars, a great depression, Adam Sandler’s film career and the invention of the Internet...

But not once did an Uptown bar open a second bar... on top of itself.

Nope, that took 104 years.

Behold Upstairs at Blackfriar Pub, a second-floor Belgian tavern that’s built above the Blackfriar and overflowing with Texas brew, opening Friday.

You’re no stranger to Blackfriar—it’s arguably your favorite historic 1908 home turned beer garden. Well, they’ve expanded. Upstairs (RIP apartment-locator agency). To an overhauled space with 16 taps, a bunch of TVs and a wraparound patio... which, coincidentally, is your deck style of choice.

So it’s Friday. 4:49pm. And you’re in search of a Peticolas pint, a bird’s-eye view of McKinney Avenue and a tape-delayed telecast of women’s Olympic handball. Head here. Ascend a flight of stairs. Enter into a world of hanging lanterns, monk paintings and cold beer.

Inside: you’ll have a fleet of communal tables and a wall of taps with 16 drafts. Pick a pint, any pint (though we’d go for the Leprechaun Dry Cider). Then, bring your glass out onto the patio and behold the view/skybox seats to McKinney Avenue.

No, they don’t offer season tickets.


Upstairs at Blackfriar Pub
2621 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204


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