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Lamb T-Bones and Cheesecake in West Town

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If it were an Olympic sport, you’d be Phelps (’08 edition).

If it were performing at Lollapalooza, you’d crowd surf to it.

If it were made of lamb belly, well, you’d probably just eat it.

Don’t let us stand in your way: Two, a bold new entry in the category of “Restaurants with a Real Thing for Meat,” opens tomorrow in West Town.

So, yes, your ongoing quest for the best housemade beef jerky has been officially extended. That’s the good news. The better news: you can bring a date.

The ambiance here is somewhere between a low-lit rustic cabin (old barn doors on the wall and antique cabinetry in the dining room) and an old-fashioned butcher shop. But a really sexy butcher shop. The kind with wine. And if you have a thing for meat cleavers, get the name of the decorator.

But it’s not all Berkshire pork belly, lamb T-bones, short ribs with grits and flat iron steaks with chimichurri. You can also pursue your abiding interest in duck-egg pasta served with duck confit and duck skin cracklin’. Then, finish your night by splitting peanut-butter-mousse-and-housemade-jelly profiteroles, or cheesecake with a snickerdoodle crust and bing cherry sauce.

Be sure to say “snickerdoodle” extra loudly.

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