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Absinthe and Oysters in Wicker Park

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It’s the oldest known dinner date dilemma:

One of you wants something simple and elegant. Oysters, maybe.

One of you wants to knock back absinthe in a shadowy New Orleans saloon. And that’s just crazy. (New Orleans is much too muggy right now.)

So you’ll go here: The Savoy, a Wicker Park seafood lair with a moody back lounge stocked with absinthe, opening tonight.

When you enter, you’ll only see the charm—and a raw bar set with stools that look like they were once whiskey barrels. So you’re never far from the essentials: oysters with wasabi mignonette, cold snow crab and a good rye stout. Or a whiskey barrel, for that matter.

The room has all the signifiers of romance at sea: knotted ropes, fishing nets slung overhead, plush banquettes and maple-jalapeño-glazed salmon. Not to mention ancho-coffee-crusted Berkshire pork chops.

But after dinner, you and your date will grow curious about the wafting scent of anise coming from a darkened room in the back. It’s here where you’ll spend the rest of your time on a shiny black banquette riding the Green Fairy Express. Have it 40 different ways—poured over a single sugar cube, or in a Dixie Drugstore, with a hint of Cajun spice.

Apparently, the Green Fairy Express makes a lot of detours.

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