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9 Photos Fashion Week Swim: A Visual Retrospective
None 9 Photos Fashion Week Swim: A Visual Retrospective
And now, we come to the end of another Fashion Week Swim.

Time to break down the catwalks. Time to deflate the prop beach balls. Time to put on some damn pants.

But wait. Not yet.

Not before we close out the thing with some sort of grand, elaborate, final gesture.

Like a partially nude pictorial.

Presenting Fashion Week Swim: A Visual Retrospective, an artfully curated slideshow dedicated to the best of the week’s barely there swimsuits... and the brave beach bunnies who wore them.

Included in this collection: something lacy, something metallic, something spray-tanned. Also, two-pieces, one-pieces, day-glo monokinis and at least one gigantic fur ski hat.

Yeah, we have no idea how that got in there either.

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