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Mojitos on Tap and Grilled Pizza at the Beach

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Mojitos are made for summer.

In fact, it would be great if they came out of lawn sprinklers and fire hydrants.

But on a day like today, you’ll settle for a bar tap...

So say hello to Caffè Oliva, a new-this-summer Ohio Street Beach oasis that just added a little ace up its sleeve: icy-cold cocktails on tap. It’s open now.

First, we should talk about Ohio Street Beach. That sandy little nook underneath Lake Point Tower has always been the perfect spot for summer’s more contemplative moments. (Watching bikini volleyball helps you think.) But it was lacking... something. Specifically, an expanse of trellised cabanas outlined in flower boxes where you could stop during a bike ride when you really needed a grilled chicken panino and prosecco. Yes, it was a pretty specific problem.

And while the café opened on Memorial Day, they just received the liquor license. So they’re making up for lost time. Now you’ll find 10 cocktails, including the mojito, which gets mixed in the tap line and poured into a glass of mint for the final muddle.

Aka the money muddle.


Caffè Oliva
at Ohio Street Beach
550 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL, 60611


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