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You love a good comeback.

Stallone in Rocky. The Willis Reed game. Schwarzenegger and DeVito in Twins 2... I know you are but what am I.

Here’s one about seafood.

Introducing Crave Fishbar, a Midtown haven of creative seafood and quirky maritime romantic charm, back from the dead, now open.

You may remember the short-lived Crave Ceviche Bar. Nice place. Good fish... Destroyed in a freak crane accident. Four years later, this is the delicious phoenix that rose out of those ashes. The type of spot you can turn to someone with a nod and say, “I know a little place” about. A heavily nautical little nook of local sea fare maneuvered into the kind of sashimis, crudos and tartares that only years of pent-up seafood-making frustration can produce.

Get the lay of the land first. A couple tables up front. A long white marble bar with a massive wine chamber behind it. A few tall two-tops. Pass it all. Head to the back, past the rope wall, and stake out a little space along the wool tartan banquette. Yes, those are jellyfish and squid on the wall— conversation-piece numbers one and two. Order some poached hake and a bottle of lambrusco. Because it’s hot. Put on a captain’s hat. End of meal.

The Skipper look always kills.

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