Seoul, Man

A Korean Taco Joint on Wheels

None Clout. Influence. The Rahminator himself.

All of that, and yet the city council still hasn’t managed to update the city’s food-truck ordinances.

There’s no alternative. It’s time to unleash the ultimate weapon: mobile kimchi quesadillas.

Introducing: Dokkaebi Tacos, a roving food truck dishing out the best food Korea can squeeze inside a tortilla, now on the loose.

Of course, we know that you’re probably acquainted with the savory result of cross-pollinating bulgogi (Korean grilled steak or pork) and corn tortillas. It’s safe to count you as among its earliest fans. But if you’re going to spend your lunch hour keeping an eye on Twitter and chasing a bright-green van into random neighborhoods, you’re going to want that little bit of something extra.

For that, your efforts will be rewarded with a KimchiDilla, made with sautéed kimchi, shiso leaves, sesame seeds and cheese melted to a glorious mess inside a quesadilla sandwich.

But now back to the realpolitik of this whole food-truck situation. The guiding spirit of this truck is the dokkaebi—that’s his face on the side of the van. Think of him as a trickster spirit from Korean folklore, who takes from the rich and gives to the poor. So beware of anyone standing between you and his tacos.

He may just run for alderman.

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