Up on the Farm

A Rooftop of Earthly Delights in West Town

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You know the old saying: you can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm, put it on the rooftop of a West Town pizza joint, then serve that boy Berkshire pork belly and beer cocktails.

Great, great saying. But hey, guess what: it’s not true anymore.

Because now there’s Homestead, a crazy experiment in urban farming and alfresco dining, opening Wednesday.

This is a collision of rooftop horticulture and farm-fresh cocktailing. And it comes from the guys behind the Fifty/50 and Roots pizzeria, who you’ve long suspected harbored a secret ambition to raise their own strawberries.

To get here, enter through Roots and move past the main bar. Look for an old radiator that’s been turned into a hostess stand. (It will be the one with the hostess behind it.)

You’ll be led up the stairs onto a rooftop filled with tables made from old barn doors and tin ceilings from a farm. At some point, you may also notice an entire farm up here, too. The smell of Jerusalem artichokes is a dead giveaway.

Some 130 types of edibles will be growing up here—everything from kale for the Rocky’s-Revenge-Bourbon-Brown-ale-braised beef to the fresh clover in your No. 2 (cachaça, absinthe, Velvet Falernum, sparkling wine).

And we know how you like fresh clover with your Velvet Falernum.

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