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The Hot List: Your Summer BBQ, Upgraded

Tomorrow is the day. Grass and sun and smoked meats outside. All of which should really also apply to every day <em>after</em> tomorrow. Here’s where to throw your summer cookouts... without actually doing any of the work.

Hampton Court at the London WeHo

Hampton Court at the London WeHo

You want: A whiff of English discretion. Also, brisket.
You’ll get: The London hotel’s garden tucked away just off the third floor. They’ll help you create whatever menu you want—and yes, the grassy sprawl happens to be available tomorrow. (Our apologies to Paul Revere.)

Cost varies, capacity 400, The London, 1020 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, 310-358-7706

A Whole Lamb Out Back at Eveleigh

A Whole Lamb Out Back at Eveleigh

You want: A breezy back porch. Maybe an Olsen twin or two.
You’ll get: The entire back half of Eveleigh, herb garden and all. As for what you’re eating, the chef’s been known to break down whole lambs back here. Do with that what you will.

Cost varies, capacity 80, Eveleigh, 8752 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 424-239-1630

Beer and Bikes at Deus Ex Machina

Beer and Bikes at Deus Ex Machina

You want: Some atmosphere. And by atmosphere, you mean motorcycles.
You’ll get: A blowout at the café/bike shop/T-shirt purveyor Deus Ex Machina, all the way back into the parking lot. They’ll bring out the grills and enough coolers of beer for your 1,000 closest personal friends.

$8,000, capacity 1,000, Deus Ex Machina, 1001 Venice Blvd, Venice, 888-515-3387

Taking Over the Malibu Inn Patio

Taking Over the Malibu Inn Patio

You want: To be no more than 45 seconds away from putting your toes in the ocean.
You’ll get: A no-fuss gathering on the Malibu Inn patio with burgers, hot dogs, chicken and ribs. Also: the only place around with a photo booth that used to be a VW Bug.

Cost varies, capacity 100, The Malibu Inn, 22969 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, 310-456-1160

Biergarten at the Standard Downtown

Biergarten at the Standard Downtown

You want: Beer, brats and ping-pong. On a rooftop.
You’ll get: The gloriously astroturfed Biergarten, where they’re happy to help you put together a party with bottomless food and drink built in. Your friends can really put away the sauerkraut.

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