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Lobster and Squid-Ink Pasta in River North

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Hey, Italy. Cheer up.

Maybe you didn’t win the Euro cup. Maybe you actually got humiliated in the final. It hurts, yes. But look on the bright side.

You’re still number one in our book when it comes to making squid-ink pasta.

Here to bolster your lead: Piccolo Sogno Due, opening Thursday in River North as an elegant homage to Italy’s key strength—making magic with a lobster, a little marinara and a nice big bottle of vino.

Yes, this is the sequel to Piccolo Sogno, still the most romantic garden in which you’ve ever twirled a forkful of spaghetti. Here, you’ll do your pasta-twirling in a bright open space with a commanding corner view of the Clark Street Bridge, amid hand-painted frescoes and shimmering white walls.

With its location alone, you’re in good shape for lunches with clients who need a bit more la dolce vita—or just a crispy lamb sausage pizza and grilled calamari—to remain happy.

But it’s in the evening when you’ll really like this place. Imagine: a date with a dark-eyed beauty of indeterminate heritage. Bubbling prosecco. The soft glow of chandeliers. The unparalleled loveliness of a pound-and-a-half lobster in spicy tomato sauce surrounded by sinewy ribbons of pasta.

Oh, you’re in there somewhere, too.


Piccolo Sogno Due
350 N Clark St
(at Kinzie)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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