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Buying the Furniture from Stel’s

We have distressing news: after a legendary 10-year run, Stel’s is hanging up its apron and closing its doors at the end of the month. But there’s a bright spot: it’s now selling all its cool furniture at everything-must-go prices (and they’re open to negotiation). Below, the best of what remains.

Mixing Cocktails on a Sewing Table

Mixing Cocktails on a Sewing Table

What: A cast-iron and weathered-wood antique Singer sewing table (sans sewing machine).
Cost: $30.
Suggested use: A well-placed wet bar in an otherwise dry corner of your living room. Or even in your bathroom (it’s noticeably dry in there, spirits-wise).

Available now (like everything here) at Stel’s, 334 Newbury St, 617-262-3348

A Place for All Your Wrenches

A Place for All Your Wrenches

What: Basically a cross between an old filing cabinet and an industrial metal shelving rack unit. On wheels.
Cost: $800.
Suggested use: A charmingly calloused and durable bookshelf for your first editions in the study. Or a new home for your shimmering new tool sets (drills, wrenches, the occasional axe).

Seven Samurai Just Found a New Bed

<em>Seven Samurai</em> Just Found a New Bed

What: Three well-worn, old-school, leathery foot lockers.
Cost: $125 apiece.
Suggested use: The final resting place for your impressive stash of Criterion Collection DVDs, now that you’ve digitized your library in the cloud. They could also work well as a throw-blanket depository at the lake house.

Meet Your New Desk

Meet Your New Desk

What: A pair of refurbished, white-and-tea-green, distressed picnic tables.
Cost: $40 each.
Suggested use: Foundation pieces for a bright-and-casual central command center for your home office. On the other hand: the colors would go well with the views of cresting waves out of your Cape house.

Vintage Thrones. In Velvet.

Vintage Thrones. In Velvet.

What: A pair of medium-backed, velvet-pressed button chairs. That look like they’re from the ’60s.
Cost: $150 for both.
Suggested use: A new set of bedroom chairs on which to freely toss your dry cleaning. Also, great to pull out during a visit from your unusually cool grandparents.

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