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Look. We’re going to be blunt.

Cancel whatever you’ve got going on today (yes, that includes watching the Heat game). Hell, just clear the rest of the weekend.

The SLS Hotel. It’s here. It’s open. And your summer plans have officially cannonballed into epic territory.

In fact, now’s a good time to start planning your next “sick day.” So, fake a migraine. Immediately. Then, head directly over to this Philippe Starck–designed, Lake Como–on–acid retreat (translation: there’s a lucha-libre-masked bull hanging on a wall and a repurposed canoe turned lamp).

When you’ll make your entrance: any old sunny afternoon. How you’ll make your entrance: on nothing less than a red carpet (no, really). You’ll follow it past a grove of orange trees and check in at the oak-wood desk. Then, beeline for the pool.

There’s two of them, to be precise. And they’re flanked by six cabanas, one fiberglass rubber ducky (like we said, Lake Como on acid) and Bar Centro, a sun-soaked lounge for lazy rattan-chair meandering. Also, pineapple-garnished cocktails.

Coming soon: more excitingness. Like a ’60s-style surf lodge that’ll host massive pool parties. Or a two-room Spanish restaurant that’s helmed by José Andrés. And you know what they say about good things...

They’re always helmed by José Andrés.


SLS Hotel
1701 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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